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Treating cataracts at Jacksonville Eye Center

cataract | Jacksonville eye centerPatients experiencing blurry, dull, or changing vision may be dealing with a condition known as cataracts. Cataracts affect millions of Americans and are one of the most common causes of vision loss in adults over the age of 55. It causes clouding of the natural lens of the eye. This clouding can happen gradually with time, causing vision to lessen in sharpness and clarity. The lens of the eye becomes blurred and cloudy and cannot be reversed. This impacts the vision permanently. However, with the help of a trained professional such as Dr. Robert Schipper of Jacksonville, FL, patients can learn about their treatment options and find a solution to clearer vision.

How to treat cataracts

Cataracts often progress slowly, causing gradual changes to one’s eyesight. Routine eye examinations are vital for monitoring progression and determining when intervention should occur. In most cases, cataracts can be treated with a surgical procedure. Cataracts are removed and replaced with a specialized intraocular lens, or IOLs, to improve vision. This is the most effective way of addressing cataracts permanently.

Can I eliminate the use of contact lenses and eyeglasses?

By replacing the lens with an IOL, patients will not only improve their vision by eliminating the clouding of the eye, but they can also enjoy improved sight, eliminating the need for corrective eyewear. This is often an added benefit to the treatment of cataracts for patients who have lived their lives with corrective lenses.

Am I ready for cataract surgery?

Cataracts may be detected in the earliest stages, but because of their slow progression, they may not bother patients until they become more severe. In many cases, we may have patients wait until the condition becomes bothersome before moving forward with surgical treatment. Every patient is different, so getting a proper diagnosis and recommendation from a professional is a must!

Are you ready to take charge of your cataracts?

Speaking with a professional about surgical interventions is the first step in restoring your eyesight and battling cataract progression. Call Dr. Robert Schnipper of Jacksonville, FL today to get a proper diagnosis and discuss effective treatment options. The office is located at 2001 College Street and is available to assist new patients in the community.

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