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Jeffrey WestJeffrey West
15:09 13 May 24
Victoria West: Doctor Schnipper and staff did an amazing job! I was extremely nearsighted and had cataracts. Doctor Schnipper performed seamless surgeries that left me with the best vision that I have ever had in my entire life! I trust Doctor Schnipper and staff at Jacksonville Eye Center with all my eye care. Truly Amazing!!
Aaron CarrionAaron Carrion
04:04 08 Feb 24
Treated me like family and the service was amazing and helped me with the whole process and really cared about me and wanted to help and guide me. I am very grateful to them and I am glad I went to the for lasik surgery
Todd HortonTodd Horton
21:03 29 Jan 24
Dr.Schnipper is the best. I lost an eye 14 years ago in an industrial accident. I was diagnosed with a cataract over a year ago in my good eye. I was extremely nervous about the procedure and kept putting it off. I finally bit the bullet and had it done last week. The results are amazing. Don't put it off for a year like I did. Thanks doc!
Cindy BubblesCindy Bubbles
20:26 29 Jan 24
Dr. Schnipper is amazing. I had cataract surgery and in just 1 week I now have 20/20 vision. Best thing I ever did


Your Vision is Our Priority.

Is any sense more important than your vision? Not to the eye doctors at The Jacksonville Eye Center. Your vision is our priority and our mission is that we help you see with your personal best vision.

Are you tired of the hassles of glasses, contacts, readers and blurry vision? We can help you break free. You’ve likely heard of LASIK eye surgery, but vision correction isn’t one size fits all. We offer various vision correction procedures and customize each based on your age, prescription, and lifestyle. Come find out today why we are considered one of the best places for LASIK in Jacksonville.

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Things to consider before

LASIK Vision Correction

We are pleased that you are considering us for the Jacksonville LASIK or vision correction experience. We would like to invite you to schedule a complimentary LASIK screening to determine if LASIK or another vision correction procedure could correct your vision. Below are several items to think about prior to any vision correction procedure.

How do I find the best LASIK surgeon?
How do I determine LASIK candidacy?
How do I Interpret affordability and financing options?
When can I meet a surgeon regarding vision correction options?
What is the utilization of laser vision technology?

Serving Jacksonville For Over 30 Years

Premier LASIK Surgery & Ophthalmology in Jacksonville, FL

Welcome to Jacksonville Eye Center! Our Board Certified Lasik Surgeon, Dr. Robert I. Schnipper, has provided excellent eye care services for the greater Jacksonville area for over 30 years. Jacksonville Eye Center is proud to be the leader in LASIK surgery in Jacksonville, Florida and the Southeast. Having performed countless LASIK procedures using the Allegretto Wave and blade-free IntraLase technology, Dr. Schnipper and Jacksonville Eye Center have earned a prestigious reputation for its success in LASIK.

We are proud to offer a very broad range of advanced surgical procedures for our patients. With the latest advancements and technology in vision care available at the Jacksonville Eye Center, there has never been a better time to visit us and find out more about your eye care options. Affordable payment plans put the latest in laser within reach of everyone. See what you’ve been missing with laser vision correction.

Have Questions? Contact us at 904-355-5555 for more information.

Our Eye Care Services

Meet Our Doctors

We Demonstrate Exceptional Patient Care

Dr. Schnipper’s Philosophy:

Vision Correction For All Ages

Dr. Robert I. Schnipper, Ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon at Jacksonville Eye Center, has a philosophy that no matter what age, you can have youthful vision!  Using advanced technology, Dr. Schnipper’s goal is to provide his patients the best possible (optimal) vision at every age. At a thorough consultation with Dr. Schnipper, he will be able to determine which methods of vision correction would work best for you depending on your age group and your current vision.

Kids up to age 17

For children and teenagers under the age of 17, Dr. Schnipper will suggest either glasses or contact lenses for vision correction.

Ages 18-50

LASIK surgery is the best vision correction option for people in this age range.

Ages 45-60

For these adults, Dr. Schnipper may suggest LASIK laser vision correction or refractive lens exchange.

Ages 60+

For seniors, cataract surgery may be the best option. Dr. Schnipper will also discuss a variety of IOL (intraocular lens) options.

Why Choose Us

Compassionate Eye Care

We take the time to listen to your concerns and understand your unique needs.
We communicate clearly and thoroughly about all treatment options and care provided, so you feel informed and confident in your decisions.
We care for you in a convenient and comfortable community office that is close to your home.
We work in partnership with you and your referring physician to ensure that your care is comprehensive and coordinated.

Premium Cataract Surgery

We have modern cataract surgery options that can reinvent your vision

If you have cataracts, then you have some important decisions to make prior to your surgery. There are new premium lens options that can reduce or even eliminate your need to wear glasses after cataract surgery. At Jacksonville Eye Center we offer a customized practice experience where you are not rushed, and time is taken to provide the overall best possible cataract surgery experience.

You now have options and could potentially SEE at near, far and intermediate distances with advanced lens implants

If you are seeking a Jacksonville cataract surgeon, our practice is excited to tell you about your options for the future. We have created a modern approach to cataract surgery, ensuring the safest, most accurate and most advanced solutions to enable vision after surgery at multiple distances.

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What Our Patients Say

Unbelievable care from Dr. Schnipper, Sue, the office staff, and the optical desk. When I first had vision problems, I was seen elsewhere and never felt my needs were met. The 1st time I saw Dr. Schnipper, he diagnosed me with esotropia and treated me for 8 years using prism lenses. During that time, he was very thorough and sent me for a lot of testing to rule out any cause (because of my young age and sudden onset) and made sure I had a stable condition for years before he would operate (so it didn't come back). I had my eye surgery in June 2022 and cannot be happier. My eyes look identical, you cannot tell I ever had a crossed eye! The alignment is perfect! He is so knowledgeable and genuinely seems to care a lot about his patients. I can't recommend him enough! And a huge shout out to SUE, who I dealt with regularly as she's the one familiar with prisms and handles all those patients. Thank you all so much!

- Jessica R.

Phenomenal and learned doctor - a dying breed. He did both my eyes with Panoptic Lenses. I no longer need glasses or contacts for the rest of my life-- reading and distance. You feel nothing. I had cataracts and now everything is not only so clear -- but so BRIGHT!! The lines on the highway are actually bright white! It's like looking at life thru a Reveal lightbulb. 20/20 20/12.5.

- Lawrence C.