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March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Data provided by the CDC shows that more than 2,000 people sustain an eye injury while on the job every day. Welding equipment causes around 15,000 eye injuries every year. Power tools are second on the list, as they are responsible for about 10,000 injuries.

These numbers point to an alarming fact: not enough has been done to educate workers and help prevent these types of injuries. That is why Prevent Blindness has named March as Workplace Eye Wellness Month. They hope their actions will help workers learn how to protect themselves better.

What Causes Workplace Eye Injuries?

Flying debris causes the most common workplace eye injuries. The debris either comes from metal, glass, or even some tools. Radiation and different chemicals can also be harmful to your eyes.

An aspect that often gets overlooked is the eye strain caused by working in front of a screen for longer periods of time. This injury is not immediate. Rather, it takes time, so you don’t notice anything is wrong until your vision starts blurring and you have constant headaches.

How Can Companies Prevent These Injuries?

Using proper safety equipment can prevent most of the injuries we mentioned above, even though most companies shy away from buying it. Goggles, face shields, and safety glasses are all it usually takes to protect workers from most injuries. These are a much better investment than the millions of dollars companies have to spend in legal fees after an injury already happens.

After ensuring the employees have the safety wear they need, employers should also check the workplace for potential dangers. Ideally, they should eliminate these dangers before work begins. Work screens and machine guarding can be of great help when it comes to that.

Companies should also make sure their stance on eye safety is clear. They should put up safety posters around the workplace and include eye safety protocols in their newsletters. They should also organize safety meetings with their staff and share safety tips through social media.

How Can Workers Prevent Eye Injuries?

A lot of the time, injuries happen because of untreated vision problems. So, it is important to visit your eye doctor at least once a year. It is also important to follow all safety regulations, no matter how severe they might seem. Only by doing so will you ensure that you stay safe in the workplace.

To Conclude

As you have read, eye injuries in the workplace are a rather serious problem. The numbers are worrisome, with more than 700,000 injuries happening every year. They show that both companies and employees need tips on eye safety.

Companies can prevent eye hazards with good safety equipment and clear and strict regulations. In turn, workers can protect themselves by getting regular eye checkups and respecting all safety protocols. Together, they can follow the Eye Safety Sheet provided by Prevent Blindness. Doing so will ensure that, in the years to come, March truly becomes a month of celebration.

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