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Do I have a Stye?

Common Vision Disorders   Jacksonville, FLSo often do we forget how awesome our eyes are. We play sports, squint in bright light, drive in the dark, and work in the garden usually without any fuss. We’re able to see what we need to, whether it’s a small detail in a piece of art or a large pattern of buildings on the horizon. It’s only when our eyes start misbehaving do we realize how lucky we had it! When our glasses break or our contacts get lost, we really are at a loss. Keep reading to learn about one of the most preventable eye problems that make us appreciate healthy eyes: styes.

Styes often happen when the glands along the ends of our eyelids and at the base of our eyelashes become infected with bacteria. Oftentimes, Staphylococci bacteria is the culprit and it mixes with dead skin cells and clogs these small glands in our eyes. This results in a pimple-like bump on the inside or outside of the eyelid that is tender, itchy, and often noticeable as a red bump that pokes out from the shape of natural eye.

Styes often cause some of the following issues:

  • Tenderness around the area
  • A solid red bump, sometimes with a small spot of pus
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Eyes making extra tears
  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Crust forming along the affected eyelid
  • The feeling that something foreign is in your eye

They’re definitely not fun! You can treat a stye at home, thankfully. Soak a clean washcloth with warm water and hold it on the eye at least three times a day for five to ten minutes. The warm water will help the stye open and drain faster. Avoid touching or trying to pop the stye, as that can spread the infection and make it much worse. Throw out your contacts and wear glasses during this time.

If you are planning on getting LASIK, we will probably need to reschedule your appointment, as a stye can increase the risk of further infection after the surgery. After your stye has cleared, you can give us a call at 904-355-5555 to reschedule your appointment.

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