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What is the treatment for cataracts?

Cataracts is a condition that can impact the health of the eye and a patient’s vision. It does not present early symptoms like other eye diseases, but later symptoms may include issues such as:

  • Double vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Clouding of vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Poor night vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Routine changes in glasses prescriptions
  • Color fading

When these problems occur, it is a wise decision to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Schnipper of Jacksonville Eye Center. Jacksonville, IL area patients can undergo a thorough, comprehensive examination to determine if they have this condition, and if so, discuss possible treatment options.

What treatment is recommended for cataracts?

In most cases, patients with early stage cataracts will not notice any symptoms and may not even be aware they have the condition. However, as it progresses, it can cause blurry, hazy vision that impacts a patient’s day-to-day activities and quality of life. Most cataracts are age-related and can be seen in patients over the age of 60, and approximately 50% of Americans over the age of 80 have cataracts or have had it in the past.

The best treatment for cataracts is surgery. Cataract surgery is performed when cataracts become disruptive in one’s daily activities. It is often the last step if new eyeglasses, contacts, or specific home treatment options are no longer efficient. Cataract surgery is extremely safe and routine and can provide lens replacement. Artificial lenses, known as IOLs, replace the clouded lens and can not only improve vision clarity but can also correct vision concerns, including astigmatism and nearsightedness. These lifestyle lenses may be recommended when surgery is a viable treatment option.

What can I do to prevent cataracts?

It may be impossible to avoid cataracts, but there are steps patients can take to delay the changes that occur with cataracts. Patients should take great care in sun protection, wearing sunglasses and hats when out in the sun, and should lead an active lifestyle and maintain proper nutrition. Additionally, routine eye examinations will allow patients to get an early diagnosis of their condition to better understand how to manage it and delay the need for surgical interventions.

Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts with the team at Jacksonville Eye Center

If you suspect that you have cataracts and want to work with a professional to learn more, contact Dr. Robert Schnipper and his associates at Jacksonville Eye Center at (904) 355-5555 to request a consultation appointment. With a proper diagnosis, our team can make educated suggestions regarding the best treatment for you!

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