The ability to improve vision and see clearly without contacts or eyeglasses seems like a fairy tale for the millions of people around the United States who are faced with vision impairment in one form or another. While contacts and eyeglasses are wonderful options for patients who need vision correction services, they may be expensive to maintain and may make it difficult to participate in certain activities. Additionally, patients may be embarrassed that they need corrective lenses. With continued advances, patients now have other options they can consider such as LASIK eye surgery. LASIK eye surgery is a fast and simple procedure to restore one’s vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses.

Below are just a few reasons to consider this treatment:

LASIK eye surgery

  • Takes approximately ten minutes per eye, making it a fast and effective procedure
  • Is performed without any pain due to the anesthetic eye drops offered
  • Offers fast recovery for patients, with most patients returning to work, school, and other activities within days
  • Provides high rates of satisfaction with the results
  • Can treat a wide range of problems including astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia
  • Rarely results in complications
  • Has few side effects, such as dry eyes and temporary disturbances in vision, but these are often short term and clear up on their own
  • Will save money for patients over the course of their lifetime
  • Can improve one’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Eliminates the need for corrective lenses after treatment
  • Is performed at our practice by qualified, experienced doctors
  • Is a reality for many adult patients who no longer want to wear corrective contacts or eyeglasses

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