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For many people around the world, glasses or contact lenses are the only way they can see clearly. And since replacing them can be quite expensive, taking care of lenses is essential. But without proper knowledge of lenses, you could end up scratching them or worse during cleanup. Luckily, we are here to give you a few tips about taking care of your lenses without damaging them.

Glasses Care Tips

Even though their protective coating helps against stains, your glasses can still accumulate dust and oil during the day. And while scrubbing them using your shirt can seem like a good idea, it can end up scratching your precious lenses. Instead, you should use a microfiber or cotton cloth and glasses cleaner. In fact, you can even make your own glasses cleaner by adding a drop of soap to a spray bottle that’s filled with water.

Furthermore, if you don’t have any cotton cloth around, you can use the edge of a cotton shirt. However, never use napkins, tissues, or any other wood-based materials, as they could scratch the lenses easily. Not only that, but you should also avoid chemical cleaners such as ammonia or window cleaners. Why? Because they can end up dissolving the protective coating of your lenses. Also, make sure to store your glasses in their case, and never sleep wearing them.

Contact Lenses Care Tips

When it comes to contact lenses, things become a bit more complicated. Since they sit directly on the eye, keeping your lenses clean is much more about hygiene than maintenance. For starters, you should only touch your contacts with clean hands and use fresh solutions to clean them.

Additionally, it’s extremely important to remember that water contains microorganisms that could infect your contact lenses. As a result, avoid cleaning them with water at all costs. And lastly, always check the instructions on the package for how long you should wear your lenses. While it might be tempting to wear them for long periods of time in order to save money on replacements, you run the risk of getting eye infections.

Contact Lenses Infection Warning

If you wear contact lenses, you need to be very careful and minimize the risk of developing infections. First of all, you must avoid rubbing your eyes, as you could damage the lenses and introduce germs to your eyes. Then, remember that you can use eye drops to moisturize and provide more protection for your eyes. And also, use fresh and unexpired lens care solutions to remove all germs and bacteria.

The Bottom Line

All in all, taking care of your lenses is very important, no matter if you wear glasses or contacts. Without proper care, not only can you damage your lenses, but you also run the risk of developing infections. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when cleaning your lenses and avoid touching them with your bare hands. But if you ever end up scratching or breaking your lenses, you can always get a replacement by visiting your local eye care center.