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Eye Care Jacksonville, FL Remembering to wear sunglasses isn’t the easiest habit to make. So many of us only remember to bring them with us if we’re going outside for extended periods of time. That’s not the only time you should be wearing your sunglasses, though. When your eyes are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays for a long time, or repeatedly for years, it can lead to eye damage.

Before you go shopping, you should know the best features to look for when buying sunglasses.


A pair that doesn’t fit well can allow UV rays to reach your skin and into your eyes. Make sure they’re comfortable enough for you to want to wear them. If you want the best protection, look for sunglasses that wrap around your eyes. Those that can help block UV light will offer the best protection from sun, sand, and other materials.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses can help cut down glare, but they don’t provide UV protection. Make sure your sunglasses help cut out UV rays and glare.

Dark Lenses

Looking for a cool color or super dark shades to hide your eyes? Great. But, the color doesn’t indicate UV protection. The pupil of your eye works with the amount of light to allow just the right amount into your eye. If you’re wearing dark lenses, your pupil will open up more to make up for the lack of light. If your sunglasses don’t have UV protection, you could be doing more harm than if you weren’t wearing sunglasses at all.

Kids Too

Ultimately, if you’re wearing sunglasses, your kids should be wearing them, too. You can help set up great habits and encourage great eye health in your children. Plus, kids sunglasses are so cute!

Before you get tempted by cheap sunglasses, remember you get what you pay for. But, super expensive sunglasses aren’t always the best option, either. If you’re not sure about which ones are best, get in touch with us to learn more. Give us a call at 904-355-5555 to schedule a consultation in our Jacksonville, Florida office today.