Jacksonville Eye Center

August can often be hectic as we rush to fit in the last bits of summer vacation before the school year starts and the weather cools down, but before you get too wrapped up in back-to-school or final summer plans, don’t forget about planning ahead for healthy vision by scheduling an eye exam for you and your family.

The month of August is National Eye Exam Month. Eye exams are not only important for maintaining clear and focused vision, but they can also give your eye doctor a better glimpse into your overall health. Here are a few more reasons why you schedule your regular comprehensive eye exam during National Eye Health Month:

1. Detect Underlying Eye Conditions

Just by looking at the eye in a comprehensive exam, your eye doctor is able to spot early warning signs of high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes and high cholesterol. Having your eyes examined on a regular basis can help detect problems before they become more serious and affect your vision as well as your overall health.

2. Improve Children’s Performance in School

According The Vision Council of America, one out of every four children in the U.S. has an undiagnosed vision problem. It is also estimated that 48% of parents with children under the age of 12 have never taken their children to see an eye care professional. One of the most common reasons why children fall behind in school each year is due to poor vision or vision problems. Having your child undergo a comprehensive eye exam can help detect problems that may lead to reading and learning difficulties.

3. Keep Your Prescription Up-To-Date

Our eyes are constantly changing, especially after the age of 40. Getting a regular, comprehensive eye exam is one of the best ways to stay on top of your vision and determine whether or not you need a new prescription for your glasses or contact lenses